Microsoft Ramps Up Work On An All-New Operating System

Microsoft is known for Windows, the most popular operating system on planet Earth. However, the company is also working on yet another operating system code-named Midori.


Midori essentially is a result of a new programming language that Microsoft has been working on. Midori is being developed using this new language. While the whole thing originally started as a research project back in 2008, it has been honed and improved so much so that it has made it to the big league now.

The project has been moved from research to Unified Operating System group, which also takes care of Microsoft’s commercial operating systems. This switch means that not only has Midori improved significantly since its conception, but also that Microsoft is getting serious about it.

However, whether the company will eventually release an alternate operating system seems highly unlikely. Given that Microsoft only recently revamped the entire Windows platform with the launch of Windows 8, the company may not be ready for an all-new OS offering any time soon. That being said, components from Midori may still be used in upcoming Windows versions.

The interesting thing about the new language which has been used in creating Midori is that it is able to write apps for cloud computing environments. In other words, the language takes on the world of smartphones and tablets and cloud computing. Google is also working on a similar programming language called Golang, which is becoming increasingly popular among the developers. It remains to be seen which of the two tech titans will lead this war for a next-generation operating system.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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