PuzzleTime – Children Best Puzzle Game – Windows Phone App [Free]

There are so many puzzle games for children but few are best. PuzzleTime is an ideal game app for children. Children’s decision making ability will be increased by this game. PuzzleTime is developed by BabyFirst and this windows app is Free. Here we have the details with complete feature and screen shots.

Windows Phone: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/d47be8f1-4f92-49e4-b530-919190ad47f8


An important part of the early learning stage is understanding the concept of parts that make up a whole. In BabyFirst’s “Puzzle Time” application, children have the ability to drag and drop puzzle pieces into the correct location and make it whole.

Choose between a variety of puzzles including animal scenes in the jungle, arctic and on the farm. Or pick a puzzle that contains letters, numbers or shapes. Have fun exploring with your baby or toddler.

Our Review

This game can build a children’s decision making ability and besides it is a funny game for every children.


  • Explores hand-eye coordination.
  • Introduces shapes, numbers, letters and animals.
  • Offer easy drag and drop functionality.
  • Tested by babies and toddlers.
  • Music can be turned on or off.

Required: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher.


Download Size: 8 MB


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