Samsung Executive Criticizes Windows 8, Deems It Underwhelming

It would seem that the PC vendors are not particularly pleased with the performance of Windows 8 in the market. A clear example of that is Samsung’s head of memory chip business, Jun Dung-soo, who has stated that Windows 8 is no better than Windows Vista.

Windows 8

Clearly, a reference to Windows Vista is not a compliment, given the fact that the OS was an utter failure, leading to a lot of criticism and embarrassment for Microsoft. We are sure that Microsoft feels a lot better about Windows 8, as compared to Windows Vista.

But those who have invested in the PC industry may not share this fondness for Microsoft’s latest OS. Windows 8 is, yes, a significant and rather, really good upgrade from Microsoft and we would admit that we find the metro interface really exciting. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that the new OS hasn’t mustered any significant sales.

Jun’s exact words in lambasting Windows 8 were that “the global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8. I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform.”

Jun further claimed that many of the recent ultrabooks have failed to attract many customers simply because they had Windows 8 installed on them. We think that this may be pushing things a little too far since the PC industry is generally in decline – and the trend is expected to continue by analysts all across the board. Jun may take out that anger at Microsoft but we don’t see PC sales improving any time soon. Or ever.

Source: Korea Times

Courtesy: BGR

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