Anyone In U.S. Can Now Buy Google Glass

Google seems to be finally tuning up the volume of Google Glass sales. The company has now announced that it is making Glass available to all users in the U.S. And that this is not a limited time offer.

Google Glass

Barely a month ago, Google announced a 1-day event during which the Glass units were available for purchase to users within the U.S. It was a limited-time one-day offer, incumbent on the availability of the stock. It would now appear that the response to this one-day sales spree was fairly incredible, so much so that Google had called it ‘overwhelming.’

So it shouldn’t be surprising that taking a cue from that, Google is now gearing up for a full-scale sales of Glass units across U.S. The fresh spate of Glass sales is still a part of the Glass Explorer Program, the company says. In other words, this still isn’t the consumer launch we have been waiting for. Rather, this is a more non-exclusive beta phase of Glass sales.

The intriguing part is that despite being quite pricey at $1500 a piece, formerly $2500 a piece, Google Glass has managed to muster good, steady sales. In fact, the popularity of the device has only increased over time. Google has been cautiously testing the flow for the potential Glass market out there and so far, the results show that the market is fairly eager for Glass units.

Now that Google is opening up to the U.S. market for Glass units, we can also expect that the search giant will eventually make the Glass units internationally available as well.

Source: Google

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