Apple Has Sold More Than 100 Million iPod Touch Units To Date

Apple’s iPod Touch is among one of the truly popular products of the company. Launched back in 2007, iPod Touch was somewhat of a mix between a traditional iPod, together with the looks of an iPhone. Now, the company has announced that to date, it has sold more than 100 million iPod Touch units.

iPod Touch

Although 100 million units sold is a huge achievement, it may appear rather underwhelming to many given the fact that in the same duration, Apple has sold a lot more iPhone and iPad units. However, the fact remains that the demand for smart devices such as iPod Touch has declined in the recent years.

That is simply because the smartphones and tablets are so well-equipped that consumers buy them rather than purchasing any other devices. With the sheer number of apps and computing power offered by modern-day smartphones and tablets, consumers don’t wish to spend their money elsewhere.

Despite such trends, Apple’s sales of 100 million iPod Touch units shows that the company was successful in sustaining momentum towards the product. Apple announced these numbers right after the company announced a new model of iPod Touch.

While the new model comes packed with a number of fresh features and a slightly modified design, it remains to be seen how exactly will Apple be able to position it amid a mobile market that is increasingly interested in high-end smartphones and tablets.

Courtesy: Loop Insight

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