Microsoft’s Surface Team Reportedly Working On Translucent Aluminum Smartwatch

We have previously reported that there have been rumors of an Apple iWatch that, many think, is inevitable in future. At the same time, Google has apparently undertaken plans of an Android smartwatch. Now, Microsoft has joined the competition with reports stating that the company’s Surface team is working on a translucent aluminum smartwatch.

Microsoft smartwatch

This smartwatch was originally envisioned by Microsoft as a heart rate monitor. But smartwatches have gained more traction around the globe, becoming more sophisticated and offering a lot more functionality these days. As a result, Microsoft has moved the prototype, which was originally designed by the Xbox team, to the Surface team.

Since the focus of the Surface team is mobile devices, it is quite obvious that rather than releasing a simple health-monitor watch, Microsoft is now hoping to build more functionality into the device. Reports have it that Microsoft has also asked the component manufacturers to furnish 1.5-inch displays that will be a part of the smartwatch.

Details have also leaked regarding the materials that have been used in creating this watch. Apparently, the watch itself has been constructed from ‘translucent aluminum’ which is said to be up to three times harder than glass. It has also been claimed by certain publications that one of the prototypes of these watches include 6GB of support as well as option for LTE connectivity.

We are certainly intrigued by the possibility of a Microsoft smartwatch. It would be interesting to discern how such a product may fare against any possible Apple or Google smartwatches.

Courtesy: The Verge

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