thingCHARGER: A New Charger That Can Charge All Electronic Devices

At present world, almost everyone people has multiple electronic devices. But unfortunately, the chargers of these different electronic devices are not same. So it’s a bit hassle keeping all the chargers with you for charging the devices. Keeping this in mind, a new product called thingCHARGER is about to come in the market through which you can charge all the electronic devices easily without blocking outlets or running wire.


thingCHARGER is a very simple designed charger. It can charge almost all your electronic things in an elegant way. What you have to do is just Plug 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together and charge all electronic devices like phone, tablet, reader, or other electronic devices.

thingCHARGER Works With Any 2 or 3 Prong Outlet

The tips are stored inside the charger, and can be swapped when needed. At the bottom of thingCHARGER, there are two USB ports through which, if one needs to charge many devices at a time, he/she can do that without taking up the main power outlets.


A user can plug three into one outlet and then dock three different devices at the same time. To save power, the main outlets remain “on” all the time. Be noted, the two USB ports and the tip on the top of the thingCHARGER are “only on,” when a user hits the power button on the side.

thingCHARGER With A Power Button To Conserve Energy

At present, the device is only available with the North American outlet design and voltage. But the team has promised that it will begin work on designs for other countries, once it has shipped these units.

thingCHARGER Charging An eReader

To develop the design of thingCHARGER for further countries, now its makers are trying to collect fund via Indiegogo. The team pleaded for US$25,000 by December 13, 2013 (11:59 pm PT), but as of writing keeping 12 days in hand, the team has collected $226,312USD.

If you donate a minimum amount of $29, you will get a thingCHARGER. And if you buy two or more thingCHARGER under a package, you will get a free thingCHARGER. For more details, hit the links provided below. For now, here’s a video of thingCHARGER.

Sources: thingCHARGERIndiegogo

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