Everything You Need To Know About Google Pixel 3

Google’s third attempt at a Pixel Phone can be argued to be its best until now. Also, it is capable of putting up a head to head competition with Apple’s iPhone XS, and Samsung’s Galaxy S9.

Pixel 3’s body is as fashionable as it is delicate. The entire back portion of the phone is made with glass. Google did not stop right there. The back portion has two distinct portions, each made with glass but with a slight variation. The upper portion is more shiny, which holds the camera and other specs. Just below the camera and from where the fingerprint scanner sits, the glass takes the form of Matte. This part greatly supports your grip on the phone.

The phone has a single USB C port. Like many other phones, this port replaces the need for a 3.5mm headphone jack. The biggest difference between the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is that the prior one has a display of 5.5 inches compared to the latter’s 6.3 inch one.

Pixel 3 Key Features

Pixel 3 comes with Snapdragon 845 and a 4GB RAM. However, there are two versions of the phone depending on its storage capacity. There is a 64GB and a 128GB version to the phone, both of which are non-extendable. However, you should not feel worried as you get unlimited storage for full-resolution snaps.

Pixel 3 runs the Android Pie 9 accompanied by the Pixel Launcher. This might be the most advanced one until this day. Although you will not find any power save mode with this configuration. On the flip side, Pixel 3 comes with an App Usage Tracker, named Digital Well Being, that tracks what Apps you are using the most in a day, and for how long you are using it. Advanced features of this tracker will let you stop receiving notifications while you are sleeping or are in a meeting. This feature is similar to that of Apple’s Digital Well Being.

Wrapping Up!

Google Pixel is a great phone, no doubt. But there is always scope for improvement. Google recently released its December Security Update for Android and Google Pixel phones. This update solves many existing issues as well as enhanced its current performance. This update contains fixes for its memory management. Previously, Pixel 3 would abruptly shut down background apps. Furthermore, this update comes with fixes for the “adjusted autofocus behavior” and “improved camera shutter performance”.

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