Google Selling ‘Explorer Edition’ On The Play Store

Google Glass is one of the superb examples of modern science and wearable device. Since the very beginning, the Glass has attracted people and won their heart. Later, Google unveiled its Glass Explorer and sold to only U.S. residents. But now, anyone can buy the Explorer Edition Glass as it is available on the Pay Store.

Glass Explorer Edition

The Google Glass Explorer Edition is available in Charcoal, Tangerine, Cotton, Shale and Sky Blue color. In addition, buyers will get a frame or sunglass shade (the buyer can choose which one he/she wants) along with the Explorer Edition Glass for free.

Google Glass Frames And Shades

There are four frame options — curve, split, bold and thin — and three shade options — active, classic and edge. If the user wants to buy an extra frame or shade, he/she can do that too.

Google Glass Explorer Edition With Frames And Glass-shades

The price of the frame is $225, while the shade costs $150. Apart from this, Google is also selling Glass earbuds that are available in an $85 stereo configuration or a $50 mono unit. However, price of the Google Glass Explorer Edition on the Play Store is a bit high – $1,500.

Source: Google Play Store

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