Google Finally Releases Glass Kernel GPL Source For Developers

Google Glass’ Explorer edition has been out there for a while now. Developers have been testing it out and discerning the exploits, if any. The search giant has now released the kernel source of the gadget, letting developers delve deeper into the back-end details of the gadget.

Google Glass

Naturally, the earliest buyers of Explorer edition have been developers. Among them the notable iOS hacker Saurik was able to jailbreak Google Glass within days of its release.

Interestingly, Google has now released the kernel source of Glass, letting developers tweak the code behind this breaking edge gadget. For now, Google has stated that the location of the kernel is temporary. We can expect the company to reposition the download link to another location in the coming days.

The total size of the Kernel source is 68.9MB and it is named as tar.xz file on the server. Quite interestingly, the text contained in the Kernel includes all the headers that are usually required for NFC support. It was formerly hinted that Google Glass may come up NFC support and now, the Kernel source itself seems to confirm this.

The expected new location of the Kernel source file is the git where all other Android kernel source releases are available. You can download the Kernel source from the temporary location at the link provided below.

Source: Google

Courtesy: Karthik

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