Google Glass Banned At Google’s Shareholders Meeting

Google Glass has been criticized by many as a device that would allow easy invasion of others’ privacy. Although Google has refuted such contentions, the company seems to act by itself. In its shareholders meeting, Google recently restricted anyone from bringing Google Glass to the venue.

Google Glass

According to the instructions provided by Google for its stakeholders meeting, “Cameras, recording devices, and other electronic devices, such as smart phones, will not be permitted at the meeting. Photography is prohibited at the meeting.”

Given the fact that Google Glass falls within this category, certain activist groups have taken the occasion to criticize Google for having created Glass. These groups allege that Google is being hypocritical by not allowing Glass into its own meetings but continuing to push it in the consumer arena.

However, these contentions seem fairly childish. Going by this logic, a smartphone vendor can be accused of conspiring to destroy users’ privacy by equipping a smartphone with a camera. One can easily snap a photo, in public, with a smartphone camera. But that argument does not hold up. And since it’s pretty much the same argument that is being levelled against Glass, it doesn’t hold up in this case either.

Like Google, any other entities who are sensitive about being photographed or filmed can simply ban Google Glass on their venues. For instance, if a university feels that Glass can lead to privacy violations, the device can simply be banned on campus.

Courtesy: CNBC

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