Google Hires Top Fashion Expert To Help Market Glass

Ever since Google Glass was launched, there have been many privacy concerns raised about it. Not only that, people tend to think it’s a tool only for developers. Google has now hired top fashion expert Ivy Ross to change that perception.

Ivy Ross

Glass has a lot of issues and there’s no denying it. First, there’s the pertinent issue of individual privacy. Imagine watching a person walk into a class or a meeting or any public place with Google Glass. You never know if he’s recording a video or shooting photos and that becomes a critical privacy issue.

Next, does Glass look cool on people’s faces? I mean there are some frames which are really cool but many models of Glass that we have seen so far will give you a cyborg-like look when you walk into a group of unwitting friends or fellows. This is precisely what Google is hoping to change with the hiring of Ross.

Ross has been working at some of the most prestigious fashion brands for many years now and has been a design and marketing executive. After hiring her, Google hopes that it will finally be able to present Glass as something which is not limited to developers alone. Rather, Glass may emerge as somewhat of a fashion symbol in the coming days, thanks to Google’s strategy.

And this is not the first time Google has worked that strategy. In the past, Google got hold of a 12-page placement in Vogue where it talked about the Glass in detail, showing how Glass can be a cool, new element of the fashion world. Given the price tag of $1500, it is only natural that Google is trying to market the gadget to the rich and the wealthy, and fashion is a quick way of reaching them.

What is even more significant is that even before a public roll out, Google has identified these issue with Glass thanks to its initial beta releases. This shows that not only has Google successfully pulled off an alternative form of rolling out new products, it is also steadily improving the weaknesses and aims to make Glass a success, one way or the other.

Source: Google Glass

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