Magic Cook: An Impressive Container That Lets You Cook Anywhere Without Fire, Electricity Or Gas!

Lets face the truth – without fire, electricity or gas, you can’t cook, right? But what if I tell you now that, you can cook without fire, electricity or gas? Yes, you heard me right. There’s an impressive container called Magic Cook that lets you cook anywhere without electricity, fire or gas! Isn’t that great?

Magic Cook

There are many people who go to office with home made food in a lunch box. While packing the food in the lunch box, it is hot, but when unpacked during lunch time, the food is found cold. The same thing goes for school goer kids who take lunch box along with them – they find the food cold, although it was hot when packed in the tiffin box at home. You may say, there are many tiffin/lunch boxes that are made in such a way that they don’t let your food cool. But what if I ask you now, would those tiffin/lunch boxes be able to keep any cold things for such long time as it was inserted? And there’s comes the functionality of Magic Cook.

Inside Of Magic Cook

Magic Cook comes with triple layer insulated design that contains lunch box and water bottle container. With the help of Magic Cook container, you can cook without fire, gas or electricity. Being an air tight container, sealed inner stainless steel cookware enables it to lock in heat.

Uses Of Magic Cook

Nothing happens to the box while the box cooks itself even though the temperature rises to 203 degree F. On the other side, cold food and drinks will stay cold by placing an ice pack into the bottom container. For example: the Magic Cook keeps your salad cold or keeps your food hot, no matter how late you eat.

Magic Cook Lunch Box

The funtionality of Magic Cook can be described in this way. Magic Cook containers work as a cooler by placing an ice pack into the bottom container.  Then place your food in the stainless steel compartment, lock and sealed lid.  This will ensure that your food will remain fresh throughout the day.  When it’s time to eat, simply remove the ice pack and replace it with a magic cook heat pack.  Your hot meal will be ready to serve within 10-20 min.

Time Duration For Cooking Food By Magic Cook

Magic Cook is the most versatile lunch box/water bottle container. You can cook a hot meal or a cup of hot soup via the impressive container. Besides, you can reheat the overnight meals within 5-10 min. And for this, you don’t need any microwave, stove, oven or gas. In simple word, Magic Cook is a portable cooler as well as a portable oven. Magic Cook is such an impressive container that holds the temperature of foods/drinks for long time as they were during insertion into the box. It is perfect for camping.

Magic Cook At Camping

Magic Cook inventors are trying to raise a fund of $30,000 by Sep 12 (Fri), 2014 before 6:27 AM (+06:00) via Kickstarter. As of writing, the team has collected $552 from 10 backers.

For more details, you can visit Kickstarter. Here’s a video of the impressive container.

Source: Kickstarter

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