Huawei Shows A 3G SD Card For Laptops

Huawei shows a 3G wireless-capable SD card in the CEATEC 2013 exhibition. This SD card does not provide any storage support but you can put a 3G sim card of any operator and use internet keeping you vital USB port free.


Huawei’s 3G wireless-capable SD card replaced them with a 3G radio, capable of up to 21Mbps (HSPA+) download speeds. So you do not have to use or carry another 3G USB modem with you to get access for internet. As you put the SD card in your laptop or notebook to access your flash memory this 3G wireless-capable SD card can be used in the same memory card reader port. The SD card seems relatively small and uses a Nano SIM but there is no built-in storage space.

Currently there is no information when the company will make it available in the market or the pricing for this 3G SD card. But we will let you know the updates, stay tuned with The Tech Journal.

Source: Engadget Chinese

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