IOgear Dongle Lets You Control Smartphone, Tablet And PC All At Once

Do you, like most people, suffer from the chronic problem of constantly switching between your mobile devices and your PC? IOgear’s KeyShair GKMB02 is here to take care of this by letting you control all three with a single keyboard.

IOgear KeyShair

All you need to do to let KeyShair start its magic is to plug this nifty device into your PC using a USB port. Since the device is really the size of a small USB, it comes with minimum quirks. As soon as you plug in the device, it installs the corresponding software on the PC. Next, you are required to turn on the Bluetooth on your PC and pair it with the smartphone and the tablet.

And now, you are all set to kick off a productive way of using all three. For instance, if you want to shift some text from your PC to the tablet, all you need to do is simply copy and paste it. Moreover, you are able to control the interface of your PC, smartphone as well as the tablet using a single keyboard and mouse.

IOgear KeyShair plugged

The mouse functionality is not supported when the PC is paired with iOS devices but you can still accomplish countless tasks using keyboard controls alone. The tiny dongle is absolutely brilliant, and especially useful for such people who have to keep track of all their devices in the midst of a busy work-routine. With KeyShair, such users can effectively keep track of all updates on their multiple devices and machines without any qualms.

According to IOgear, KeyShair GKMB02 will expectedly be made available some time in spring this year, carrying a fairly affordable price tag of $50.

Courtesy: PC World

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