Korean Patents Reveal Samsung Smartwatch Design

We have been hearing about a possible Samsung smartwatch for quite some time now. However, until now, most of these speculations have been based on rumors. Now, though, clear clues have been found in Korean patents filed by Samsung, citing the possible smartwatch design the company has in mind.

samsung smartwatch design

In the past, Samsung itself has expressed that it would certainly consider the possibility of building a smartwatch of its own. Until now, we didn’t have any clue as to what kind of smartwatch Samsung aims to create.

The Korean patents filed by the company now give a hint at what Samsung may have up its sleeve. These patents were filed by the company between March and May this year. The proposed smartwatch design in these patents is fairly unique in that it involves what appears to be a flexible display and is equipped with controls in the middle, much like regular Android devices.

The flexible display has certainly perked up our interest. If Samsung ever launches the watch envisioned in these patents, it may have an edge over others because of its unique display. With Google and Apple reportedly preparing smartwatches of their own, Samsung will really need to do it different to stand out. However, for now, the design is only a part of the patents and we are not even sure if this design ever sees the daylight.

Courtesy: Engadget

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