Lytro Immerge Revealed A Futuristic Virtual Reality Camera

Lytro Immerge has broke away from the creative limitations and revealed a groundbreaking camera to capture the moments for virtual reality experiences.


The innovative California-based camera start-up Lytro is specialized for Light Field imaging platform. The company was founded in 2006 and since then they are working on consumer Light Field camera.

Lytro has recently released the revolutionary technology which will open up the opportunity into cinematography, photography, mixed reality, scientific and industrial applications. Lytro Immerge is the very first professional Light Field camera for virtual reality than allow video recordings up to 360 degrees of view.


This futuristic camera has been developed for last one and half year. However, this camera is not made for average consumer rather it intended to made for professional video production as it carries dense light field camera array. It can store and process the light field data with ultra high bandwidth direct-to-disk. This is what called six degrees of freedom with Lytro Immerge.

Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal shared with Mashable, ‘This is the first light-field-powered system for creating cinematic quality live-action VR. Nobody has thought about this end to end — from camera to storage to post-production to playback.’ He also added, ‘Imagine a camera staying stationary, but being able to move your head around and getting further and closer away from an object in a scene. Having the reflection and the light rays adjusting accordingly. What the light field volume represents is, we’re densely capturing all the rays in a given geometric volume, and then we’ve built software that lets us play back those rays at very high frame rates and at high resolution. It gives you the perfect recreation of the actual world you’re capturing.


Based on the configuration and scope of the Immerge, we can easily guess that this revolutionary light field camera will come with mega price tag. The company has not mentioned the price but we will know early in 2016 as its expecting to released in January.

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