Nymi: An Amazing PINs And Passwords Remembering Bracelet

A person may have multiple computer, phone, tablet, bank accounts, social networking accounts and so on with different password or PIN for each. So naturally, it’s very hard for that person to remember all the passwords and PINs in mind. So Canadian firm Bionym has created a PIN and password remembering bracelet, Nymi.

Password Remember Bracelet Nymi

Nymi contains a HeartID that measures cardiac rhythm (the amount of electrical power generated by a human heart) and is tracked on an electrocardiogram, or ECG. The bracelet reads and monitors the wearer’s cardiac rhythm. This the ECG differs from person to person and depends on the location and size of heart, there is no option that one’s cardiac rhythm will match others. That means, the bracelet can easily detect or authenticate who the person really is.


The bracelet only works with paired devices. When the bracelet wearer is close to a paired computer, device or car, the bracelet builds a connection with that device or thing via Bluetooth. As soon as built-in proximity sensor inside Nymi detects the cardiac rhythm, the required hardware or software will be unlocked automatically. For example, the motion sensor can be used to open car boots or doors wirelessly by moving the wrist in a certain direction. However, when Nymi will be joined to a smartphone, for example, it will vibrate and respond to notifications on the device such as a new email or text message.

Use Of Nymi

If you are worried about if the bracelet is stolen, then as I told earlier that Nymi only works with a registered person’s cardiac rhythm, so it can’t be hacked.

Providing Password Via Nymi

However, Nymi can be used to pay for shopping wirelessly and securely. But its developer are planning to cope the technology into other accessories, such as a ring or belt.

If you think the bracelet would be a great helpful to you, then you pre-order Nymi for US$79 or £50 (for the first 250,000 orders) or US$99 or £63 (after 250,000 orders). The bracelet will be shipped early 2014. For more information, hit the source link below.

Source: Bionym
Thanks To: Daily Mail

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