PS4 Leads The Race Of Sales With 5 Million Units Against Xbox One’s Tripled Sales

Microsoft is on the roll in the mission of accumulating more user base for their various brands, and the latest addition is the Xbox One. Due to their recent price cut by $50, the sales of this console have tripled in number, reported Microsoft.

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The price cut applied to the base console and bundles, and you can get it for $359 before January 2015. Also, Microsoft has added the recent releases of Sunset Overdrive and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which has indeed helped to bump the sales to a large extent.

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Although Microsoft has not revealed their official number of sales for the month of October, according to their reports, about 10 million consoles have been shipped out to consumers, and 5 million consoles were already shipped to various retailers.

Despite of the increased sales, Microsoft is far behind in the race of sales against PS4, which reported their official sales at the end of October to be 3.3 million during the third quarter. By September 30, they had already sold about 13.5 million units, and so the total is hovering somewhere near 14.5 million at the moment, way ahead of where Microsoft stands.

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Microsoft indeed is in danger because if PS4 gets chosen by the developer as a better gaming platform, they will have lost in the long run. Though they could advertise their consoles and keep the price in check to generate more sales and can eventually take the lead.

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