Sense: An iOS Compatible System That Tracks Your Sleep Behavior And Does More Stuffs

There are many gadgets in the market that can monitor people’s sleeping habit. But, San Francisco, CA-based startup Hello is trying to create something different. The company is trying to make Sense, an iOS compatible system that will allow users to monitor their sleep patterns and bedroom environments without the need for any intrusive hardware. will not only track people’s sleep behavior, but also will monitor the environment of their bedroom and reinvent the alarms.

Sleep Tracker Sense

22-year-old British entrepreneur James Proud has created Sense. It includes an ambient light sensor, high sensitivity microphone, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, high quality speaker, proximity sensor, particulate sensor, WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy.

iOS Compatible System Sense

The ball shaped device Sense comes with a tiny tracker/device called Sleep Pill that can be attached to your pillow and after that Sleep Pill will monitor your movements and help you determine the quality of your sleep. You don’t need to put on any uncomfortable wearables gadgets or remember to charge something or press a button.


Sense can represent you the scenario of surroundings in your room such as light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air that could provoke allergies. It can tell you when your room is too bright, too warm and when conditions are just right etc. Sense also comes with a speaker, so you can set it to background noise (white noise or rain), if that will help you sleep. In simple word, it can be said that Sense knows when you’re falling asleep, soundly asleep, thrashing about, or waking up.

Sleep Tracking System Sense

The Sense maker team wanted to collect an amount of $100,000 by Aug 22, 2014, (3:53 PM +06:00) via Kickstarter. As of writing, the team has gathered $1,957,337 from 15,686 backers.

Sense is available in cotton white or charcoal black. This device is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $99. It will be shipped to early backers starting in November for a retail price of $129. Here’s a video of Sense.

For more details, hit the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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