Apple Launches Updated Game Section On Its Website

Apple has launched a more advanced game section on its website,where visitors can find several resources and information regarding the latest games along with the gaming capabilities of several Apple products.The website doesn’t only cover iPhone and iPad games. It also features many games for everything Mac.

The Games webpage also includes suggestions, which recommends the best configuration, peripherals, and even games for any specific Apple device. Additionally, customers can watch game trailers and purchase game directly from the online Apple Store.

Another interesting thing on the Apple Games site is the “Cheat Codes” section where Apple quotes the following :

Stumped? Then you may need some help, thanks to the cheat codes that are commonly placed in most video games. They allow you to, well, cheat and change the rules. This sometimes includes activating bonuses, unlocking secrets, and accessing new levels of gameplay not previously available.

The new Games page on the Apple website can be found at

Sorry for creating this huge confusion. To be clear did not launched recently, actually its online since back 1998 according to our source. This news created a huge buzz in the tech world, then we been contacted by several people who has been working with Apple in this Game article section and been told that this web section is not new, the article section is old, to be honest very old, we check there is article from back 2000. Apple just added few extra section and as New Game Centre is in rool so its now getting much bigger attention.

Edited & Updated By M Asif Rahman, Editor, TTJ

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