Company of Heroes 2 Will Debut Within Q2, 2013

As the Company of Heroes got huge success as real time strategy in 2006, Relic Entertainment and THQ are going to launch the second installment to the game. The upcoming game is already titled “Company of Heroes 2″. This sequel is coming after 6 years of long waiting. Relic confirms that this game will be a fusion of the past game with surprising features. The game is expected to catch the eyes of strategy game lovers.


The time period and plot will be same as the first one as it will feature World War II. However, this time the game will focus on Eastern Front and their missions such as Operation Barbarossa or Battle of Berlin. The famous Soviet Red Army will be focus as the main playable faction this time. Players will live and experience the life and missions of several characters of this unit during WWII.

The game play is like the original one – real time strategy. The battle environment is set up just like the real event. A new feature called true sight – unit visibility based on environmental setting and type of the unit, has been introduced. The game will use Essence 3 game engine based on new improvements. This engine will provide HD quality graphical environment. Quine Duffy did really good work while designing the levels of the game. The game is supported by DirectX 9.0 c but it will show its best performance with Directx 11 settings.

The game is first announced in May, 2012 by THQ. They confirmed that the game would be played in both single player and multi player mood. It is only available for PC version. Although the release date is not confirmed but it is ensured that we are going to see the game in the first half of 2013.

Source: Wikipedia, Company of Heroes 2



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