EA Announces Five New Features For FIFA 13, Including First Touch Control

Electronic Arts has been making its flagship gaming franchise, FIFA, all the more better over the years. Now, the company has announced that with FIFA 13, which will be landing this summer, it will be offering five new and exciting game-changing features for the users. These features are sure to hugely improve the gameplay for avid FIFA gamers.

The five features which EA is touting to be a part of the upcoming FIFA 13 are listed below:

Complete Dribbling:
With the help of this feature, a full 360 degree mobility of the ball is offered, letting the users face their opponents at all the times. Also, when a player is facing another player, the gamer is able to be more creative in his interactions to seek his way through.

Attacking Intelligence:
As the name suggests, this feature lets the user find more openings into the defenses of the opponent team and also pull the defenders out of the position.

First Touch Control:
With this feature, EA has attempted to make the whole experience of playing football on FIFA much more realistic. For instance, with this feature, the player can no longer be sure of a perfect ball control. Rather, this feature creates a number of real-like conditions such as defensive pressure, velocity of the pass etc so that the factor of uncertainty is added to the game. This way, the defending team gets a fair chance to claim the possession of the ball.

Player Impact Engine:
This feature has been improved upon by EA and the company claims that its improved version will let the defenders make use of their strength to get back the possession of the ball. Also, this allows the team to make the opponents make poor passes and thus indulge in a mistake so that the defenders can get back the ball.

Tactical Free Kicks:
Free kicks, in real football, are an elaborate strategy. We have seen footballers do one dummy kick and then a real kick to fool the opponent team. Now, this feature is also a part of the world of FIFA. You can position up to three players to perform one or two dummy runs. On the other side of the fence, the opposing team can also respond to the kick in more interactive ways.

The game is expected to launch on a number of platforms including PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Vita, Wii and others. So you will probably be able to lay your hands on it in the coming summer.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Courtesy: The Verge

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