Nvidia Unveils Highly Ambitious ‘Project Shield’ At CES 2013

Nvidia has long been working hard on pouring all the best of its experiences into a single product that would blow off the gamers. This year, the company has apparently concluded the hard work and decided to unveil the highly ambitious ‘Project Shield’ at CES 2013.

Nvidia Project Shield

Project Shield essentially envisions an Nvidia-branded portable games console that comes packed with a number of key features. These features include the ability to access the vast repository of Android content, thanks to the fact that it runs Android; being able to stream a Windows PC gaming session straight to your Nvidia console; and finally, the ability to stream your console’s content to a large-screen HDTV.

Project Shield packs a Tegra 4 processor and features a 5-inch, 720p Retina display with multitouch capabilities. The battery of the console is 33Wh providing HD video playback time of 24 hours.

Nvidia has certainly expended a lot of efforts into Project Shield. But as sad as it may sound, the project has failed to impress many. The fact that the company is trying to bring back a standalone game console in the times when game consoles are fast growing obsolete is, well, bold, to be very mild.

The users, at large, want gaming as an ‘additional perk’ on their mobile devices and don’t wish to get their hands on a device that is meant solely for gaming. The highlighted features of the console, too, falls short of being impressive. That’s because these features, for instance the ability to stream a PC gaming session or run content on HDTV, have already been shown off in other products in the past.

Other console vendors in the market such as Sony and Nintendo are currently undergoing an erosion of their share in the gaming arena – the dynamics of the gaming markets have changed greatly in the past few years. Nvidia has certainly ventured into risky territory with Project Shield and it remains to be seen how successful the venture is going to be in the coming days.

Courtesy: The Verge

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