Google Augmented Reality Game ‘Ingress’ Arrives On iOS Platform

Google has come across the passage to the iOS platform with its massive hit augmented reality gameIngress‘. The original game for Android opened to all last December, and now it has found its way to Apple App Store without any official announcement from Google.

Ingress is basically a near-real time alternate reality multiplayer online GPS-dependent game created by Niantic lab in collaboration with Google. In this game, players are part of the resistance or enlightened teams, battling to collect and control the powerful Exotic Matter that is virtually situated in real-life locations all over the world. Along with the mobile apps, the game comes with web-based service which let you keep up the status of games and locations.

Ingress 1
The total gameplay structures of building ‘portals’ at places of public are landmarks, cenotaphs and many more, and connect them to build a virtual triangular fields over geographical areas. The motion in the game is counted by the number of Mind Units or people that basically are controlled by each fiction.

Ingress 4
Google’s John Hanke, the head of Niantic Project has talked in an interview about Ingress’ arrival to iOS platform and he mentioned that most of the process porting the game from Android to iOS was very simple. There is no basic difference in the UI between the two platforms.

Ingress 3
If you are using the app and you already have an account, then you will just log in and everything will be just like previous one. But if you have never played before, then just walk through the tutorial and ask to choose a faction. So in all together, it is pretty interesting but simple!

Ingress 5
Jack Kent, the principal analyst at IHS Technology said. “Launching on iOS will greatly increase the number of devices and users for Ingress and thereby increase advertising revenues.” As the ads are really innovative, other companies can pay to be featured in the game.

Ingress 2
App Store has already made 85 percent more revenues for developers, as the Play Store generated 2.4 times as much as it did in the same time period last year. So quickly download the FREE app and have the feel of augmentative reality. You can click the links given below to download.

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iTunes Link: Click Here
Android Link: Click Here

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