iOS 5 Turns Apple TV Into A Game Console

Ben Dodson who is a freelance developer based in London has been playing around with the AirPlay wireless features of the iOS 5 beta and through the help of an iPad 2, he could essentially turn his Apple TV into a game console. This is achieved through AirPlay Mirroring mode which is one of the new features of iOS 5 that displays whatever you’re doing on your iPad 2 on to the Apple TV and any app that uses Apple’s TV-out functionality can now wirelessly send a secondary display image to your AppleTV……….


Developer Ben Dodson has uncovered some cool stuff inside iOS5 that can turn your AppleTV and iPad 2 into a wireless games console setup and thanks to the new display mirroring feature, apps don’t have to have AirPlay functionality built in before you stream what they’re displaying to your AppleTV. As well as having a notification bar, Newsstand, Twitter integration, readibility button in Safari, Reminders, a split keyboard and Mail and Camera updates officialy confirmed, developers are finding other hidden feature too. We’ve heard about texting shortcuts and 1080p video encoding, but this latest developer-discovery tops them all. the  freelance developer based in London has been playing with the AirPlay wireless features of iOS 5 and he discovered is you can use Apple TV as a makeshift games console with the help of an iPad 2. AirPlay Mirroring mode allows you to display whatever is on your iPad 2 through Apple TV and on your larger TV display. This is all done wirelessly, with near instant feedback making r pretty seamless. That on its own is very cool, but the streaming functionality extends to apps too. So you can play games through your Apple TV while they run on your iPad 2. But it gets even cooler than that. You can also add an iPhone or iPod touch into the mix as a controller unit for whatever game you want to play, the only prerequisite is the game supports TV-out. So, with iOS 5 your Apple TV could take on the role of a games console with big screen output and an app is run on an iPad 2 and AirPlay Mirroring shows the output on your TV using Apple TV.



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