Jailbreak PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.50 With X3 Max Dongle

Team X3 has successfully jailbroken PlayStation 3 firmware 3.50.The jailbreak of PS3 is done using the X3 Max PS3 Dongle.It is the first time PS firmware 3.50 is jailbreaked directly without any downgrading.Previously you have to downgrade PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.42 and 3.5 to earlier versions to jailbreak it. Now Team X3 has made it possible to launch homebrew application on firmware 3.50 without downgrading it first.

Logic Sunrise said that: “We have that kind of information on LS in a few hours, but the feedback I have from them show a free and compatibility with X3max with an update, but I prefer to have confirmation. Until we have more information, a video of the feat.”

Because this new jailbreak method is not released yet, so two types of question arise at this point:

Games like Gran Turismo 5 (requires firmware 3.50) work?
This update is compatible with the X3max? Is it free?

Checkout the video of PS3 firmware 3.50 jailbreak without downgrading:

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