[App of the Week] Jelly Jump: Don’t let the Jelly Pop!

Jelly Jump is about just tap and jump to save the jelly from drowning and protect the jelly from all obstacles. This crazy app has reached the above of Apple Top chart on the very first week of it’s arrival.


Jelly Jump has been released on the last week of February from the famous game developer company ‘Ketchapp‘. Just to inform you, Ketchapp has developed plenty of game apps that reached the top chart within first week. As usual, their brand new product ‘Jelly Jump‘ is maintaining the traditions!

In the game, there is a colorful little jelly who is drowning over and over again. It need your help as you can keep it safe by saving from drowning. You just have to follow three simple rules:

  • You have to jump higher
  • Make sure you survive longer
  • Never give up
  • IMG_4823

    Jelly Jump offers you variety of themes which will change after every two or three matches. From the first look, it will look like very easy and you will have fail the steps with a feelings that next time you must gonna survive longer! But this next time will not come so easily ; at least did not happen in my case. This easy looking game is very tough to even survive.

    Hope, Jelly Jump will kill your enough time and you will enjoy it enough. You can download it from Google Play and App store for FREE and do not forget to let us know your review.

    Download Link

    iTunes Link: Click Here
    Android Link: Click Here
    Price: Free

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