ShadowRun – Arcade & Action Game For Android [Free]

ShadowRun is a new Arcade & Action game in Game category on Google’s Play. EyeBall Games is the developer of this game. This is a new game and absolutely free to download for all Android device running 2.2 or later version. Check our details review and findings for the game below.

Google Play Link:

Our Review:

In the ShadowRun, the developers have provided overview mentioning “this is not another clone of Temple Run”. Yes I am totally agree with the statement, because those who has played the Temple Run know that there is an impressive gameplay with a story. But in ShadowRun, it’s really funny. You just need to run the Shadow using your fingers. In this game, use your fingers as legs and run towards the level goal. In the path, you will face some obstacles to avoid them by running beside of them or jump over them. That’s all about the game play. The whole gameplay comes in a black-white background. So all you have to do is just following the black shadow and run onto it.

Now I would like to share our findings about the game. The ShadowRun user game rating in the Google Play do not meet satisfactory level. And as the developers have put the game on Arcade & Action category game, we don’t find anything related to action in this game play. Most of the reviewers have complained about not running the game on their device and force closing. The game regulation is terrible in some device like Galaxy Tab 2. Although the developers have come with a nice game concept, but their execution is very poor. So it is expected they might overcome this obstacles soon for their users.

Requirements: Android Version 2.2 and up

Current Version: 1.21
Size: 6.0M

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