Sony Gives PSP Go the Axe

I guess it’s not that surprising given the release of the Xperia Play, but Sony has officially decided to kill the Playstation Portable (PSP) Go.  The PSP Go had a relatively short lifespan.  It was introduced in June 2009 as a smaller, more compact version of its counterpart, the PSP-+3000.

PSP Go discontinue

Its biggest feature, or maybe it’s biggest fault, was the lack of a UMD drive (universal media disc).  Users would instead be required to download games and software from the PlayStation Store, and save them onto the device’s 16GB internal storage.

Sony didn’t give the PSP Go much of a chance to begin with, and was doomed early off with poor hardware and software sales in Japan.  Factor in a high pricetag for both the unit and games, and that was surely enough reasons for Sony to discontinue the PSP Go.

Don’t worry PSP-3000 owners, according to Impress Watch, Sony has no plans to kill its flagship portable gaming device.  I’m sure It’s safe to say that Xperia Play will be holding down the fort until the NGP comes out to play.

Sony has yet to officially comment on the matter.

[via Impress Watch]

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