Sony PlayStation 3 controller vs Nokia N900: Both can be used for each other

Nokia N900 hacked again. Now you can play games in N900 using PlayStation 3 controller. To do that you have to just follow some Debian source codes. Two months ago another person turned his N900 into a PS3 controller. He used his N900 as PS3 controller using BlueMaemo Bluetooth emulator.

In the video below, you will see a TV-connected Nokia N900 Internet Tablet/Mobile Phone, running SNES emulation software, paired to a Bluetooth PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS controller. After watching the video you can easily imagine your MID/Mobile Phone/Internet Tablet doubling as your primary gaming device both for on-the-go and at home. You too can use a spare SIXAXIS controller in order to dictate gameplay on your Nokia handset. All the instructions you need are here.

Here’s another video which shows a N900 turns into a PS3 controller. To do that you have to use an alpha level software, BlueMaemo bluetooth emulator. BlueMaemo is a free application that converts your N900 into a host of bluetooth peripherals including a keyboard, mouse, media remote, game pad, presentation remote and even a PS3 controller.

Its developer Valério Domingos humbly points out that the purpose of connecting up to a PS3 is purely for menu navigation and easier text input, though we’ve no doubt a few hardcore Nokia loyalists will try using this in an action game to prove the N900’s superiority. You may follow Valério and his ongoing refinement of the app in the link below, or you can jump past the break to see the full controller layout and an instructional video on how to hook things up — it’s in Italian, but you should be able to grasp what’s going on senza problemi.

Source: Engadget: PS3 controller as N900, Engadget: N900 as PS3 controller


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