Total War:Rome II – The Next Level Strategy Game, Coming In 2013

Serious gamers have a love for turn-based strategy games. This is why, strategy games like Civilization, and Arthur became so successful. In 2004, when turn-based strategy and real-time tactics game “Rome: Total War” first appeared, it drew the gamer’s attention for its detailed level of work, thrilling plot and all new game play features for that time. After the huge success of Total War: Shogun 2, another game of the franchise, the developer is going to launch the 8th installment of Total War series and direct successor of “Total War:Rome” titled ” Total War: Rome II” in the last quarter of 2013.

rome 2

The main game plot is based on the transformation of the Roman republic into the Roman empire. Players have to choose how to proceed to achieve that objective. The game will give players complete independence for diplomacy, construction, battle, invasion, resource allocation, and population control among others.

It is claimed that the game has a world map almost 2.5 times larger than its predecessor. New territories can be invaded to the eastern side of the map. Not only that, the game plot may change based on each decision of the players. As players control all the diplomatic decision, they can choose their own allies, extent of treaty and battle features. Players can also build entire legion of armies at a time. The weapon load outs can also be customized for each units. There are navies beside the land forces, but this time there will be both separate and combined campaign missions for them.

Lots of improvements have been made in the new game. The culture of a roman nation also plays significant role in several sectors. Even in battle, units of one nation will attack with their traditional weapons, and separate strategy and fighting forces. In diplomacy, players have to be intelligent enough to identify the diplomatic espionage. For the first time, espionage in diplomacy and high-level politics is going to be introduced in ” Total War: Rome II” and a new artificial intelligence system will debut. In battle, features of panicking of unit soldiers after the death of unit leader, and motivation speech before attack is introduced. The developer team claims that in battle, individual soldier’s reaction can be highlighted and each soldier can be controlled.

Rome II will use a heavily modified game engine called Warscape Engine . Saga will be the publishing in-charge for the game. “Total War: Rome II” will be an exclusive for Microsoft Windows. Although the exact date of release is not yet confirmed, the game is expected to be available in October, 2013.

Source: Wikipedia, Rome II Homepage

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