Valve Releases First Beta Of Steam For Linux

Linux users have long been awaiting a version of Steam which is compatible with their OS. We have been hearing of such a development from Valve for quite some time, and now the company has finally launched the first public beta of Steam for Linux.

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Valve has been taking a lot of new initiatives recently. The company took a huge step forth when it recently launched the software section of Steam, its online game distribution platform.

In the past, the company had stated that it is working on a Linux version of Steam and the version is going to be faster than the Windows version of the platform. Much to the glee and joy of Linux users, Valve has finally launched the first public beta of Steam for Linux.

The beta essentially means that Valve is opening up to Linux users so that it can gather feedback and see how well the Linux version does in the hands of actual users. However, the beta will not be open to all the Linux users.

For now, Valve says, it has only 1000 spaces to fill and it wants experienced Linux users to get the slots so that they can test out the Steam for Linux well. The beta, in itself, will comprise of only one game and only such users who are using Ubuntu 12.04 or above can be a part of it.

If you think you can work with Linux adroitly and also wish to test out the new beta version of Steam, you can apply for it at Valve’s website.

Source: Valve
Courtesy: The Verge

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