Xbox Users Spending More Time On Entertainment Than Gaming For The First Time

Microsoft has been trying to place entertainment at the very heart of Xbox Live experience. It had struck a number of deals with content producers and had introduced major design revamp of the online portal for Xbox users. And now, the company has announced that for the first time, Xbox users are spending more time on entertainment than gaming. 

This has been revealed through an official statement from Microsoft. According to the company, Xbox Live Gold members now spend an average of 84 hours per month on Xbox Live. Interestingly, the usage of entertainment apps has more than doubled over the last year. On a global scale, Xbox users now spend 30 percent more time on Xbox Live, which means Microsoft’s entertainment-centric strategy is really kicking in.

Interestingly, this also means that for the first time ever since Microsoft launched its game console, Xbox users are spending more time on entertainment content rather than multiplayer gaming. This indicates a very important shift in focus of the company as it seems that Microsoft is trying to pitch in somewhat of an online TV, right through the game console.

The Live TV platform by Microsoft seems to be really popular among the users and it can be the start of a very serious content-based strategy by Microsoft. Also, there had been rumors that Microsoft was planning to bring a Spotify-like Live Music service for Xbox. This shows that the company has all plans of continuing with this approach and hooking users up to the entertainment content, apart from the games.

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