Zynga Plans To Release A Sequel To Draw Something, With New Features

Zynga has been on somewhat of a downward spiral for a while now. Many notable game titles by the company have failed and it is already facing financial issues. However, Zynga isn’t giving up just yet and now plans on reviving the formerly-popular ‘Draw Something’ game with a sequel, which promises to pack a lot more fun.

Draw Something 2

During 2012, the ‘Draw Something’ game was pitted against Zynga’s very own ‘Words With Friends.’ Zynga eliminated that competition by making a rather expensive acquisition of ‘Draw Something’, hoping that it could bank on the game’s success. But Draw Something had already hit the top and was on the way down.

Nonetheless, despite having lost popularity among mobile and social media gamers, Draw Something still commands some 10 to 20 million players per month. Zynga is now hoping to revitalize the franchise by releasing a sequel to the original Draw Something.

The sequel will pack many interesting features. Zynga intends to fashion it as a mini social media for the art-savvy. In the new Draw Something, users will be able to keep their drawings linked to their account and even have people follow them. In other words, users can gather a fan-following for their art while enjoying the game.

Moreover, Zynga also intends to bring many celebrities on board with the new sequel. It remains to be seen how the celebrity part works out, although the concept in itself sounds very promising. For now, the company is stating that Draw Something 2 is ‘coming soon.’ We sure look forward to its release, which will be limited to mobile devices only.

Source: Twitter

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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