360 Panaromic Video On iPhone With Dot Lens

Do you ever think to shoot a 360 degree panoramic video with your iPhone? Yep this is also possible now for this Dot Lens that can Shoots 360 Panoramic iPhone Videos. Kogeto’s Dot lens also lets iPhone 4 users shoot videos “in the round,” although in a different configuration.


Panoramic videos are a pretty cool concept in case a video is recorded in 360 with only a portion of it showing up on the screen during playback but the cool part is that within that video, users can pan 360 and basically get a different view while watching the same video clip. viewers can pan 360 degrees within that loop, as they’re watching the video. This means that the same footage could be watched many times, with new surprises showing up every time, depending on what the viewer chooses to look at.

How the Dot lens works is that it attaches itself to the iPhone, something like a partial casing with the lens sticking out the bacak, and it has to be recorded holding the device horizontally which means you’ll be hardpressed to see what exactly you’re recording but the good news is that you could place the phone on a flat surface, like a chair or table and let it record from there.

Are you interested now to have one? It’s not available yet but you can head on down to their website and place a pre-order for $98.
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