64GB iPhone 4 Hands-On [Video]

Just a few days ago i’ve reported about the 64GB iPhone 4. But till then it seems that it was rumor. I also mention that as a rumor in my post title. Well, here we got a hands-on video of that 64GB iPhone 4 “engineering prototype” which is clearly claiming to be the real device indeed, but its now also reported that the device is still not for sale in the grey markets of Hong Kong, China, according to the MIC Gadget.

Apparently, this 64GB iPhone 4 is not for sale in grey markets of Hong Kong. The owner of this engineered prototype told us that he got it from a source who has a small quantity of these prototypes. They are definitely leaked from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen. What’s more, according to the owner, he believes that the next iPhone will bring 64GB storage capacity to users. Well, we think Apple is planning to update the iPhone 4 with small upgrades, at least featuring a new 64GB model.

An engineering prototype has found its home in M.I.C Gadgets office apparently and they have wasted no time in explicitly exposing the device’s innards. Not that to-be-released “iPhone 5,” this new version of Apple iPhone 4 will be enough to make the “oh so” hard time waiting bearable.

The phone doesn’t show that it’s a 64GB model but instead it says XXGB on the back side, just as the Gizmodo’s borrowed prototype form last year, M.I.C believes this to be an actual prototype from Apple. Some signs also indicate towards it being a “prototype” like the absence of plus/minus signs on the volume control buttons and no silver ring around the camera lens, the same features which were absent from Gizmodo’s piece.

M.I.C. Gadget states the owner of the prototype bought the phone from a source with a “small quantity” of these prototypes also that the phone is “definitely leaked from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen.”

All these signs and the unavailability of a white iPhone 4 anywhere else except China points towards Apple not ready to drop iPhone 5 soon.

Checkout the video below.

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