Android’s Version Of Siri – Speaktoit Assistant, Now Available For iPhone

Siri has duly captured the minds and hearts of smartphone users with the seamless voice-based assistance that it provides. Given it’s immense popularity, an all new avenue of Siri-related apps and features has been created. A number of Siri-like apps have been launched too, some of them claiming to be even better than Siri in their functionality. One voice-based personal assistant which has been wildly popular with Android users is called Speaktoit Assistant. The good news is that this voice-based assistance is now finally available for iPhone.

Speaktoit has been out for a while, being released originally back in October 11. It’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that so far, it has been downloaded 1.4 million times and still maintains a compelling rating of 4.5. Also, the app has been considered as among the top ten Android apps in 2011 by New York Times.

Although the reviews, rating and awards coming the way of Speaktoit do show that it is indeed a notch above the regular Siri-clones that have been surfacing in the market, it remains to be seen how awesome is it when pitted against Siri itself. Now this service is available as a virtual buddy for both iPhone and iPod. It accomplishes nearly all the things Siri would do such as searching information, answering your questions, displaying maps, letting your interact with web services through voice and do different conversions for you.

One awesome feature of Speaktoit is that you can customize it and choose the ‘person’ who speaks back to you by selecting an interface of your choice. The developers are also diligently working on the app to make it ‘intelligent’ so that it becomes smarter with the passage of time on the basis of interactions you have done in the past.

What does put this app above Siri is that it can easily be used on all iPhone models. It can update your social media statuses and updates for the app are regularly rolled out by the developers.

You can download Speaktoit Assistance for iPhone right away from this link. It comes at a meagre price of $1.99.

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