Apple Allows To Port Siri On iPhone 4 Legally

iPhone 4 users have long been craving to use Siri on their devices, a technology which, for now, remains exclusively available on iPhone 4S. With the   latest iOS 5.0.1 revision, it is now possible to legally use Siri on iPhone 4. This latest release allows access to encrypted system files that can enable a user to use Siri port on an iPhone 4.

Siri is truly the feature which truly triggered the sales of iPhone 4S. It is well accepted all around the world as the best voice-based personal assistant to date. Naturally, iPhone users who tool iPhone 4 are craving to have the same technology on their devices too. So far, there was no legal way to import Siri on an iPhone 4. iOS hackers certainly found a way to do so but it was fraught with problems because as soon Apple knew about the port, it could have blocked it.

But in this latest iOS 5.0.1 revision, Apple has allowed access to such files which can enable an iPhone 4 user to legally use Siri. These files are decrypted ramdisks which make it possible for  a programmer to extract the files needed to enable Siri. And with the help of these files, this can done without infringing on Apple’s copyrights. This latest scoop about Siri was told by @MuscleNerd, a person well-known in the jailbreaking and iOS hacking communities.

What isn’t clear yet is that whether Apple released the files intentionally or was it a mere incident? If the files were released accidentally, we can expect a statement from Apple soon. On the other hand, if the release was sanctioned by Apple, it is a happy moment for iPhone 4 because for now they can easily use Siri on their devices.

Image courtesy blakespot.

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