Apple iOS 8: Quick Full Features List

Apple finally introduced it’s latest Operating system iOS 8 on WWDC 2014. According to Tim Cook, “Apple’s sold 100 million iPod touches, 200 million iPads and over 500 million iPhones. Saying that lots of its new customers are switching from Android to iOS 7. But Why? According to Cook, iOS has a 97% overall customer satisfaction rating. So they bring their new version iOS 8. He includes 89% of iOS users are running the latest version. Android’s got only 9% adoption rate for KitKat. Check some new features of iOS 8 below.

ios 8

  • New Keyboard– iOS is getting a new software keyboard. Quicktype is the new addition, and it is an improved recommendation engine. It’s context-sensitive.
  • Privacy– No matter if you are in iMessage, email, whatever, it makes suggestions based upon how you usually speak with that particular person (so professional for work; more, colorful for personal messages). Also, the learning is stored locally on your device.
  • Message– Group messaging’s also getting improved: You can name the thread, add and remove people from the thread (including yourself) and share your location on a thread.
  • iMessage– also now has a tap-to-talk feature to send voice and video messages directly through the app.
  • 3rd party cloud service– iOS 8 gets expanded password protection, support for 3rd party cloud service providers (like box or OneDrive), better email handling and more for business folks.
  • Now, a double tap onscreen lets you see your contacts, and the same birds eye view of tabs, and left rail for bookmarks and your reading list on the new desktop version is coming to Safari on iOS, too. The new interactive notifications, which work with third-party apps.
  • The home button double-tap view that shows your favorite contacts. The contacts are circular and look like Facebook’s chat heads.
  • On to Spotlight on iOS. It makes suggestions, shows points of interest, directions, news, apps from the App Store, songs on device or iTunes, movies being shown at nearby theaters and movies available for purchase/streaming, too.
  • Health kit works with 3rd party apps, and gives you granular control over your information and how it’s used by Healthkit. Apple’s working with Nike to get fitness info and the Mayo Clinic, so that doctors get real time information and communication with patients.
  • Familyshare– The new Familyshare feature, that allows families (of up to 6 members) to share calendars, media purchases and more. It also gives parents’ an approval notification on their device when a child tries to make a purchase.
  • iMovie-style sliders to tweak photo contrast and brightness.
  • iPhoto– iPhoto’s also improved. It syncs all your photos across all your devices, provides smart suggestions when you search for photos and it gives you full access to all of your images in iCloud on any device.
  • The editing tools are also improved. Now you can auto-straighten and color correct, among other features. First up is light adjustment, which changes brightness, contrast and other granular leveling options all at once. You can change those settings individually, but the app will do them all in concert to make the picture look as good as it can. Seeing it here in person, it appears to work pretty damn well.
  • The new Siri features– “Hey Siri” starts her up; Shazam is now built in; you can make App Store purchases; and she now does streaming voice recognition.
  • With iOS 8, users will have an Explore tab, Trending Searches, continuous scroll for search results, related searches, an Editors’ choice logo and app bundles. All so that folks can find and buy the apps they’re looking for.

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