Apple To Block Vacations For iPhone 5

Apple denying employee vacations for 2nd week of october to coincide with the launch of iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 and dates from October 9th through 12th and October 14th through 15th are said to be restricted, suggesting Apple plans on launching new products during that time. The first set of dates from October 9th-12th could represent iOS 5 launch and the 14th to 15th dates suggests that Apple may be preparing for a retail launch of their next generation iPhones, iPhone 5………………..


Apple is quietly denying requests for employee vacations during the second week of October, hinting that the company currently anticipates an influx of customers to its stores around that time related to availability of its new iOS 5 and fifth-generation iPhone products and Apple blacked out vacation time for employees from October 9th through 12th and October 14th through 15th. The first block of dates, the 9th through the 12 could pertain to the release of iOS 5 for existing iOS device owners on Monday the 10th and certain segments of the company’s AppleCare divisions have been told to prepare for an influx of iOS-related inquiries on that same day. Twitter has also scheduled a developer event and a pair of Developer Teatimes for Oct. 10 and Oct. 12 with a heavy focus on the social service’s tight integration with iOS 5, further suggesting that Apple‘s non-disclosure terms covering the new mobile OS will have been lifted by then via a public release of the software. Issuing a major iOS release a few days prior to launching new iPhone that will also leverage the software is not unexpected and last year Apple released iOS 4.0 on June 21st and then rolled out the iPhone 4 on June 24th. Assuming hints of an iOS 5.0 release around Monday, October 10th prove accurate, the second block of retail blackout dates, October 14th and 15th could signal availability of the fifth-generation iPhone hardware by that Friday. With Apple rumored to hold a media event to first unveil its fifth-generation iPhone plans on October 4th, that would give the Cupertino-based company roughly 10 days to field pre-orders ahead of an official launch.



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