At Engadget Awards iPhone 4 Wins Phone of the Year, Kinect Peripheral of the Year, and iPad Gadget of the Year

Engadget has announced winners of the 2010 Engadget Editor’s Choice Awards. Apple iPad wins “Gadget of the Year” award, Apple iPhone 4 is awarded as “Phone of the Year”, Apple iPod touch wins best “Portable Media Device” award and Microsoft’s Kinect wins both “Game Accessory of the Year” and “Peripheral of the Year” award.

In most of the categories Apple gadgets were the winners or runner ups. This is what the editors’ had to say about Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPad and Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360.

Apple iPad – Gadget of the Year

The iPad won this one going away — there’s just no denying the influence Apple’s tablet had on the industry this year. But we think the Evo 4G will be remembered as the first of an entirely new breed of smartphones, and that’s pretty amazing too.

Apple iPhone 4 – Phone of the Year

We went endlessly back and forth on this one, but in the end the iPhone 4 won out — it’s simply a more polished device than the Evo, and it set a dramatic new quality standard for mobile displays.

Microsoft Kinect – Peripheral of the Year & Game Accessory of the Year

What’s the best thing you can buy for your game console, other than another disc? We’d recommend a motion controller, like the Kinect or PlayStation Move. Unfortunately, neither shipped with a killer app, but we’d give Kinect the edge — hacks demonstrate the potential for fabulous game experiences.

Microsoft’s Kinect 3D depth camera was originally designed for the Xbox 360, but it proved to be the year’s most fantastic hackable toy when interfaced with a PC. Our runner-up: the first mass-market quadrocopter, the AR.Drone, a veritable flying platform for hacks of its own.

Apple iPod touch – Portable Media Device

Now in its fourth generation, the iPod touch is more dominant than ever, and with good reason. It’s caught up to the iPhone 4 in terms of most key specs, and the App Store remains a huge advantage over the rest of the non-phone competition. If storage and sound quality is key, though, the Cowon X7 is tops.

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