iOS 7 App Store Gets Automatic Updates, Location-Based Recommendations

Apple‘s apps marketplace, the App Store, is the top collection of best apps around the entire smartphone ecosystem. However, iOS users have been asking Apple for certain updates and features to be added to the Store. With the changes brought to┬áiOS 7 that Apple just unveiled at WWDC 2013, the App Store has also been equipped with automatic updates and other features.

App Store

One of key problems that iOS users have been facing with their apps is that they needed to go check App Store every once in a while to ensure that their iOS apps are up to date. This often resulted in users missing out on key updates or installing them a little too late.

Apple has solved this problem by adding automatic app updates to the App Store. Through this feature, users will receive regular alerts whenever an app update is available and can even avail the option of automatically updating the app on a regular basis.

Another major feature that Apple has pushed to the App Store is that you can now get recommendations from the Store, based on your location. For instance, if you are out on the Caribbeans and the App Store has an app featuring information related to beaches, it may recommend you to install the app. Such recommendations can come in pretty handy because you would no longer need to search for relevant apps every time.

Apple has also added a Kids category to the store, letting you find the right kind of apps for your kids, based on his/her exact age. This section may have little appeal for now, but as more vendors bring their kids-specific apps to the Store, it may grow.

Courtesy: Engadget

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