iPhone N94 Prototype Back Cover Leaked

A newly leaked image from MacPost shows the back cover the N94 prototype iPhone which was previously thought to be the iPhone 5 and the N94 and N93 internal code names were found a few months back in the iOS 5 SDK. t was determined that the N94 device used the A5 processor and was thought to be the iPhone 5 and the N93 device was assumed to be a variant for a different carrier. If Apple does intend on releasing a world phone then the N93 and N94 designations could refer to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S…………..


Macpost have exclusively received meatier images of iPhone 5 back cover in White, along with Volume flex cable, frontal camera, rear camera Lens, Vibrator and battery from a Chinese part supplier Truemaxcn. The codename N94 marked on cover clearly indicates that it is a fifth-generation iPhone part and the front cover is labeled EVT2 (Engineering Verification Testing) with date 07-June-2011, marking it as early development prototype. Few months back, 9to5Mac first found references to N94 and N93 while digging around in iOS 5.0 SDK, suggesting that these are internal code names for two unreleased iPhone models (probably for iPhone 5 GSM and CDMA model). The leaked back cover of iPhone 5 doesn’t come with any clue as to the specifications. FCC ID, Size and Model numbers are intentionally XXed out. The camera flash position is still the same, debunking earlier claims that Apple might relocate LED flash from the camera module, but the front cover insinuates lots of internal circuitry changes. Last week images of Earphone Audio Jack replacement parts were leaked in both black and white color triggering speculation that iPhone 5 will be available in white color too. The cover in White re-affirms our claim that iPhone 5 in white is in production and will be retailing from day one. The images of proximity light sensor, front camera, rear camera Lens and battery for iPhone 5 ties-in perfectly with earlier leaks. Audio flex and Volume flex part for iPhone 5 suggests a lot of design changes.




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