Latest Cydia Adds Manage Account Feature

Cydia recently added a new feature called Manage Account, which shows every app that was ever purchased on Cydia and lets you easily download that jailbreak again and again.New Manage Account feature gives you a quick and easy way to re-install your apps, tweaks and themes after a restore………

The latest version of Cydia won’t change that, but just received a major update which adds a new feature called Manage Account. This allows you to view all the installable packages you have purchased on Cydia, so if you change devices and ever forget about something you bought previously, you can easily find it and decide if you wish to install it on your device.To use the new Manage Account feature, you have to logging in to your Cydia account through either Facebook or Google.You’ll have to use the same account through which you made your earlier purchases. Once you’ve logged in, you can view all your installable purchases.This will be especially useful for those who update their device to a newer iOS and thus lose their earlier jailbreak.


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