Layar Browser 5.0 for iPhone Adds Twitter and Facebook Sharing

The company behind the popular augmented reality app for the iPhone and Android smartphones, Layar has announced that Layar 5.0 is now available (in full-fledged non-beta form) for both Android and iPhone. This new version of Layar makes a number of improvements over the previous version, including the ability to share layers on Facebook and Twitter.

Layar 5.0 also provides new animation capabilities, which means some layer content can come to life in 3D form. Last, Layar said that it has made some usability tweaks that let users save their favorite layers, as well as more easily scan through their layer history.

The app is free and is available in both the Android Market and iTunes App Store now, and Layar says that a new Symbian version with the updated features is in the works.

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