Siri Cracked – Can Be Used With iPad And Android Now

The guys at Applidium have accomplished something which can revolutionize the tech world. They have cracked Siri so that it can be used with just any server. This means that in future, you can see the Siri technology being used in iPads, Android apps and across many other platforms.

Siri, a personal assistant application was recently released by Apple along with iPhone 4S. It’s an advanced voice-recognition application that very brilliantly process natural language uttered by the users and then lets the iPhone interact with them on the basis of this. In a way, Siri became the new sensation of the tech world when Apple released it.

Apple forced to go open-source:
So far, Siri technology has been exclusively Apple’s domain. But Applidium has shown a way through which the Siri protocol can be made to communicate with just any server. This means that the technology can now also be used by Android applications, iPads and other devices. The guys at Applidium first tried to make Siri communicate with a fake Apple HTTPS server rather than the actual server with which Siri originally communicates. But this attempt failed. In their next attempt, they made a custom SSL certification authority and got it singed by the iPhone. This be-fooled Siri who then communicated happily with a fake HTTPS server, considering it the real Apple server. Applidium bloggers have concluded that through this way, a number of replicated servers can be used to communicate with Siri without any problems.

This is a very exciting breakthrough and we can assume that this has opened a way for a number of other companies, products and applications to use Siri on their own servers. While that may be bad news for Apple, it certainly will lead to better and more advanced versions of Siri.

Image courtesy vasile23.

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