Acer Iconia Dual-Touchscreen Laptop Coming In Spain Next Month

Acer is going to release its new laptop which dubbed as the Acer Iconia in Spain next month.The Iconia is actually a laptop with a dual touchscreen setup.This beautiful machine has two 14-inch touch screens! The first touchscreen is in the place of the conventional laptop screens that we are used to, while the second one fits in the traditional space reserved for the keyboard.

The Iconia features two 14-inch multitouch LCDs and no physical keyboard… a daring choice that could make or break this powerful beastie, which also boasts a Core i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 750GB hard drive, optional 3G and even a working USB 3.0 port.

Currently, Acer is actively involved in creating applications for this device and these include a TouchBrowser, TouchPhoto, TouchMusic, TouchVideo. Also there is support for popular social networking platforms like the YouTube and Facebook.

Acer Iconia dual-touchscreen laptop will be available in Spain in January 28 2011 for a starting price at €1,499.


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  1. Simon

    1499 bucks??


    I’ll wait until one of it’s competitors comes out with the very same thing at a much cheaper price!!

    It’s a great idea though, a stable dual screen tablet is what I’ve been waiting for, but not at that price!!

  2. D3x0r

    Okay I want one already – THe only other all-point display I can find is a 3M for $3k. Dual all-point inputs? What’s the holdup?

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