MSI X-Slim X460 Notebook Powered By Sandy Bridge and GeForce GT 540M

MSI has showcased its ultra-thin notebook, the MSI X-Slim X460 at CeBIT 2011. The laptop powered by Intel Sandy Bridge architecture and 540m GeForce GT discrete graphics card. The MSI-X Slim X460 notebook has a sleek and lightweight chassis, black brushed the package covers.

New MSI X460 laptop is boasts new 2nd generation of Intel Core i5/i7 processor, a Nvidia GeForce 540M GT GPU with 1GB of DDR3 memory, and a 14-inch LED display with 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as HDMI output for connection to HDTV.

The equipment is completed by the presence of USB 3.0 ports can transfer files to 4.8Gbps, 10 times more than USB 2.0 and a transmission power p ver quick 80%. The data transfer and charging speed of hard disks and other devices will be faster than ever. Like all MSI laptops, including X-Slim X460 offers unique applications software such as Easy Face biometric (facial recognition for an innovative data protection), Eco Engine (to extend the battery mode with 5 Battery Management: games, movies, Presentation, Writing and Turbo Battery) and the MSI-Charger (to charge devices via USB).

X460 MSI X-Slim has a toolbar MSI S-Bar, full of shortcuts to the main programs of the operating system, hardware and exclusive MSI applications. The S-bar allows you to control all system functions, the auxiliary programs such as applications for energy saving and performance increase as well as multimedia software from MSI, the webcam, projector, wireless, Bluetooth, control volume, screen brightness and the standby mode.

There is no word on pricing and release date yet.

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