An Up Close Look At The Dell Aero Android Phone

Here’s an up close look at at AT&T’s second android mobile handset and Dell’s first offering in the US: the Dell Aero. So far, these are the details we got about it: it’s Android 1.5, like AT&T’s other Android phone, the Backflip, although Dell has said it will soon get an upgrade to Android 2.1. It’s going to ship with a 5MP camera and a 2GB microSD card, and will have a multi-touch capacitive screen.

How much of a factor Android 1.5 is going to be depends largely on what kind of custom skin Dell’s going to layer over it. According to the rep, it’s going to be very similar to the one they currently use in Asia, which looks a little something like this:

Dell Aero Hands On: The Lightest Android Phone Yet

As for the form factor, the main thing to know is that it’s light. The lightest Android phone, in fact, but it achieves that effect without feeling cheaply made.

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